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1. THE WIRE (2002–2008). The world of narcotics and urban life is examined through the eyes of drug dealers and users and the law enforcement officers tasked with cleaning up the city of Baltimore, Maryland. A predominant theme throughout the show is that of the use of wiretap technology and electronic surveillance to track down […]

via 4 Detective/Cop Shows To Knock Your Socks Off — LOWLIFE MAGAZINE


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  1. sroberts says:

    Yes, the characters were very good. One of my favourites was the senator/congressman guy up in court talking about shakedowns or something if I recall, it was just so hilarious.


  2. Thanks for reading, SRoberts. I really liked the characters in The Wire. Be sure to comment on Lowlife Magazine as well!


  3. sroberts says:

    The Wire is brilliant! I got to it after Breaking Bad, which ousted it as the greatest TV show of all time, and it didn’t disappoint. Initially I was averse to both because of the drugs theme but they definitely deserve the accolade of being the best TV shows ever.

    I think The Wire had the stronger ending of the two. It kept pace right till the end and was masterclass in how to wrap a show with all ends tied, closing a cycle but also setting up a new cycle without introducing any new threads. Very well done!

    I remember reading somewhere that an EU Prime Minister is on record as saying he would never form a coalition government with a party who hadn’t watched it! It’s also found its way onto the Sociology curriculum at a few universities as well.


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