Fanfic: Person Of Interest: D.C.


Pilot Musings

The Machine program view. Zooming out from New York City, jumping to Washington D.C.

Flying over Arlington, locking on to a location in Alexandria.


Inside the location, three assets are operating a situation room.

Logan Pierce verifies a number and puts it up on a big screen. #8684901 Zoe Morgan


Morgan’s ties to Reese have put her in danger and she needs protection.


Joey Durban and Harper Rose nurse their coffees and listen to the Morgan case.


They agree on a plan and Rose prepares the con to go with it. Durban arranges a vehicle as Pierce flicks through cases related to Reese and Morgan.


Cut to Morgan’s dilemma in New York. Her current job is being watched by the organization hunting Finch’s and Reese’s former partners. This puts a lot of people in the cross hairs.


A 3-hour drive away, the D.C. crew heads towards N.Y.C.


At Morgan’s location, the D.C. crew takes out the threat via marine precision from Durban.

Morgan and Harper leave and get on a company Gulf stream bound for Washington.


The episode ends with a panoramic view of N.Y. and the silhouette of a woman walking her dog.


End Machine Calculations.
The woman’s phone rings.

What do you think of the outline? What do you want to add? Let me know in the comments and let’s see what we can make of this.



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