Westworld – Post season 1 – Speculations

So, according to me Masterpiece Westworld came to an end with The Bicameral Mind. While I’ve visited HBO’s interactive side quests at Delos Corp, I’ve gleaned some extra information, all the while thanking reddit for decoding the intel, this gives me the following speculative insights:

Delos Programmer, Behaviour Tech department, Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward), is subdued in Sector 3 while investigating a relay in pursue of corporate espionage. However, evidence is found that she is alive via a sound-file where she asks “Hello?” and by a map from a tablet snippet in the code at Delos Corp Security Panel, placing her in Sector 20.


This brings us to Delos Head of Security, Ashely Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), who is investigating the missing tech Hughes. He gets a signal off her tracking device and heads to Sector 20 where he is attacked by hosts wearing Ghost Nation outfits.


While using the Delos Corp Layout Map over World 1 Westw0rld, you’d pinpoint the location to here:

bf53e02b-3ad3-4ac9-bc7a-26368f11af4c_zpslzq6nyi7This location being in the regions of The Lowlands and Old Fields, well north of Ghost Nation and close to the Sand Dunes. The sea is visible in the horizon, which in fact is in the west. (Where the sunset scene of Ford’s narrative end for Dolores was shot.

Those were the two missing characters’ current location at the end of season 1.

For the ending of season 1, Sweetwater was the arena it all played out in. Let’s see who is the Last Man Standing in 2018 after all mayhem has been resolved.

As to the rumours of a Samurai World being the focus of season 2, I’d like to argue that the scene from SW was one of the test areas within the Westworld arena. Just like The Last Samurai, with Tom Cruise, the timeline can work just fine. It’s simply  a tweak of the arena  and new costumes for the hosts.


We were only moved across a bridge and up an elevator to reach the test area marked SW.

To actually have reached World 2 in the Delos Corp suite of worlds, you’d have to take the transit train to another Hub. Silver Mesa or something.

While one of  Dr Ford’s old versions of himself is utterly destroyed, there may be replications of him still in play. More probable is that his younger self is very much at large and shares his essence of mind.

True to the vein of Westworld, there is no younger bodydouble but a synthetic replica made by Swedish studio Important Looking Pirates who created the young Dr Ford.


So, to end this all up, I’m looking forward to en eclipse of Westworld where we’ll see some gutting sword-play and replicant-hunting where we end up in Another World of Delos after having tied up the loose ends of the season 1 finale. I estimate that will take 2-3 episodes of season 2.

Till then, enjoy TV where you can find it!


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