Quarry “You Don’t Miss Your Water”

The series finally aired and is catching up speed. In the premier episode, life in normalcy is not quite what the returning veterans of The Vietnam war hoped it to be. War does that to man. You have demons to struggle with. You have mistrust and deceit all around you. Can you trust your friends or even your family? Are you a product of the war or are you a poster child of evil?

Logan Marshal Green (24, Prometheus) plays Mac Conway “Quarry” who returns with his brother in arms, Arthur, who is portrayed by Jamie Hector (Person of Interest, Bosch, The Strain). The two arrive back home and are hit by normal life and pain. They do what they do best trying to keep moral at high standards. When doing the right thing turns bad, sideways is the direction everything goes. All to the tunes of Otis Reading.

I really like how the story is played out in the misery of bad memories. Life ain’t rosy red but rather gritty grey. Don’t expect this to be your ordinary long running show with the sam all characters all through the end. It’s Cinemax after all, and you’ll be seeing all you need to see to know what I mean. Cinemax have moved from the cartoony feel of ultra violence of Banshee to a realism of blood and gore of Quarry. A huge leap in a good direction. I’m the first to admit I miss Banshee, but this is a more mature follow-up.

Awaiting more of the same.

Signing off.







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