Dead of Summer: Launch Review


1989 finds Camp Stillwater about to open for summer. Former summer-camper Deb Carpenter (Elizabeth Mitchell) in charge of the camp. She is greeting the summer counselors when they arrive at Camp Stillwater for a summer of fun and bathing (when not supervising the new kids).

The show uses flashbacks to tell us about the characters who at first plays like the cast from The Breakfast Club (1985), which takes me back to an era. You find the mystic bad boy: Drew Reeves, the new girl : Amy Hughes, the hunk: Alex Powell, the video nerd: Joel Goodson, the bombshell: Jessie Tyler, the pride: Blair Ramos and the best friend: Carolina Diaz.

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On the first days of getting acquainted the group’s dynamic is being tested and we notice that everything is not what it seems. Something dark is looming over the camp and secrets are buried, at camp and in the past of our main cast.

The premise of summer camp is about friendship and first experiences. Kisses, love and death. What makes for a scare in the show is the personal view of some of the characters, if someone on your surrounding is seeing things and react to them – even if they’re not there – you’re in for a fright. And what if they’re there and you are not just noticing them?

Dead of Summer mainly takes us back to a time of camp fires and book reading, something that’s been replaced by social media for many of us. I’m looking forward to follow the counselors and the kids that will arrive at Camp Stillwater. Even if the retro-horror-feel is strong and the how-grown-ups-react to strange occurrences are comical.

Show creators Ian B. Goldberg, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis all have a background in Once Upon a Time (ABC).

See you at camp!





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