The Sunday Watch

Preacher (AMC), join in the gospel of God!

The Last Ship (TNT), “Make America Great Again!”

In case you missed the Saturday highlight:

Hell on Wheels (AMC), 16 tons due west.

In the upcoming week, I look forward to:

Wednesday: American Gothic (CBS) and Tyrant (FX) season 3 launch.

Thursday: Aquarius (NBC)

Friday: Outcast (Cinemax)

Saturday: Hell on Wheels (AMC)


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  1. Rona says:

    What is Aquarius all about?


    1. Set in L.A. in 1967, Aquarius follows the Manson family (Charles Manson and his collective of women). It’s about two police detectives, Sgt Sam Hodiac (David Duchovney) and under cover police officer Brian Shafe (Gray Damon). Hodiac works on a missing person’s case and the series follows the two main plots in tandem switching between Manson and the Hodiak/Shafe perspectives.

      IIt’s on (NBC) and I’d niches under a Criminal Minds/True Detective category.
      Dark but still with some glimpses of humor of the dry persuasion.

      I hope this helps.


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