Discussion: The Dreadful League

Since Penny Dreadful (Showtime) had its dawn, I’ve considered it to be an Alan Moore tribute of sorts. And ever since I watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) based on Moore’s comic series, I’v looked forward to a continuation.

Penny Dreadful had focus on its female characters and added a new character just before the season’s ending, Perdita Weeks played Miss Catriona Hartdegen. A an extraordinary replacement to the ‘Dreadful League’.

With the awesome story told during the three seasons of Penny Dreadful and the slew of unfinished business the abrupt ending left us with, I can see a League build up and take over the macabre storytelling with literary nods to supernatural characters.

Which one would you invite to a fictional casting of ‘The Dreadful League’?

Dorian Gray and Dr Jekyll already are part of the cast, so we’re halfway there.

My vote is for adding Nikola Tesla. I’m open for any suggestions.


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  1. Thomas Daniel Paine says:

    Mashing up public domain characters together is an old idea that Moore appropriated. Check the Wold Newton Universe for an earlier version.


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