Swedes in America: What’s happening?

This fall, Channel 4 (UK) will air season 2 of Humans. The series will arrive to the US during 2017, according to Channel 4. The series is based off of the Swedish original ‘Real Humans’ (Äkta Människor).


Today, Alexander Skarsgård hits the jungle and personify  the man in the wild, The Legend of Tarzan airs on July 1 in the US.

From the jungle to somewhere before The Nostromo (Alien) we find Noomi Rapace repricing the role of Elizabeth Shaw in Alien Covenant (2017-2018).


Joining Tom Cruise in M:I VI  Mission Impossible (2016) is Rebecca Fergusson as Ilsa Faust.


I’m really excited for Joel Kinnaman who is slated to star in upcoming Science Fiction series Altered Carbon, directed by Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones, Banshee, True Detective, Fringe). Broken Carbon is based on author Richard K. Morgan’s series about Takeshi Kovacs. It’s a Blade Runneresque saga with memory cores implanted in the spines of enhanced humans. Holding my thumbs here to get to visit the bar Head in The Clouds.

01s00-kinnaman-657__mngl_20110601ab5x036,nje_1.indd_5817Altered Carbon is coming up on Netflix in 2017.  Before that he’s part of The Suicide Squad movie in August.

The future might look dark and dystopic, but it will be a ride to remember!



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